Types of laboratory and pharmaceutical freezers

Clean bench and laminar hood

Types of laboratory refrigerators


Jal Teb Company (formerly Jal) was established by Engineer Farhad Bozorgkho in 1988. Based on modern technical knowledge and technology, he was able to produce and operate for the first time in Iran-80 ° C deep freeze.
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Ali karimi
Laboratory environments have unfavorable weather due to vapors from various experiments. The use of laminar hoods is a safe choice for laboratories.
Ali karimi
Reza Najarzadeh
Incubator is one of the most important tools in microbiological experiments, cell biology. Jal Teb is one of the suitable options for selecting refrigerated incubators.
Reza Najarzadeh
Farhad Azizi
We used Jal Teb equipment to set up the university's microbiology and biology laboratory. Equipment such as laboratory freezers, incubators, etc. This equipment was received at a reasonable price and high quality.
Farhad Azizi

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In laboratory environments there are instability samples that are very sensitive to various environmental factors such as high temperature and change the state. This temperature difference causes corruption and breakdown, so laboratory freezers are used in laboratory environments to create a suitable environment.
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Incubator is a tool used to grow and maintain microbial cultures and cell cultures. By controlling humidity, temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxide, this device provides suitable conditions for the growth of living organisms. Incubator is one of the most important tools in microbiological experiments, cell biology and so on.
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